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KEEPS YOUR DRINK COLD! Our insulated can cooler for skinny cans is double-walled and vacuum sealed.

Fits most popular SLIM can beverages, including the top skinny can brands of beer, energy drinks, sodas, and sparkling waters.
Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, slim can cooler.

Easy to hold and use, simply push the slim can down into the cooler, pop the top and enjoy. When done, simply twist off to remove your empty can and repeat for your next beverage.
Silicone base keeps your skinny can from tipping over, sliding around or making too much noise when you set them down.

Engraved wth the NRWMAC Save The Dragon logo.

Slim Can Cooler

SKU: 126351351935
Special Order
    •     Double-wall Vacuum Insulated
    •     Fits most slim bottles and cans
    •     Dishwasher Safe
    •     Silicone Base
    •     NRWMAC Save the Dragon Logo

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