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Lake Levels Project

The Nacimiento Regional Water Management Advisory Committee (NRWMAC) represents property owners, visitors and enthusiasts of all sorts that enjoy Lake Nacimiento. Our goal is to maximize the water level in Lake Nacimiento throughout the summer.

We hold one seat on the Monterey County Water Resources Agency Reservoir Operation Committee (Res Ops). This committee meets monthly and advises the Monterey County Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) on lake operations, maintenance issues, and other issues regarding Lake Nacimiento, and Lake San Antonio. At least one of the NRWMAC Directors travels to Salinas to attend this monthly meeting.  We have a strong voice because the support and donations that you provide NRWMAC.

Primary Goals for Lake Nacimiento Water Management

Maintenance of constant lake levels from May 1 through September 30 to enhance the habitat for fish.

Utilize transferred water from Nacimiento, being stored in San Antonio, prior to releasing water from Nacimiento.

Maximize water levels up to the ideal level 790 ft., which stores more water for recreation and agriculture.

Maintain year-to-year elevations through prudent management of transfers and releases.

Recreation Water Elevation at Nacimiento

People around the lake feel that the minimum lake level for good useable recreation is 780 feet msl, below 760 ft-msl many ramps are not useable and areas of the lake become too narrow for boats to pass

How You Can Help

  • Send us your questions, concerns, and comments by filling in the contact form on the bottom of this page.

  • Share with friends, neighbors, and others through word of mouth or social media.

  • Donate to NRWMAC so that we can continue our efforts to retain enough water for lake property owners and lake enthusiasts on Lake Nacimiento.

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