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Lake Nacimiento Community Maps

The map below shows where the Lake Nacimiento communities are located around the Lake.

Click on a point to see a information about that community, or scroll down to read more.


The Narrows

One of the most beautiful places on the entire earth. Especially when it’s quiet!


South Shore Village Club. This community is hidden at the mouth of the narrows on the south shore of the lake. Watch for bald eagles, who often perch on the pine trees at dusk to do their hunting!


Christmas Cove

Small tight-knit community. When the lake has water in it you can see lots of cool docks out front.

Rancho Del Lago

Friendly people and a great cove where you can get some privacy and maybe take a nap…

Cal Shasta

Private community on the south side of the lake.


Oak Shores

One of the larger communities on the lake home to many permanent lake residents. Access by road via Interlake Rd.

Laguna Vista Boat Club

A Private Community near Bee Rock.


Tri Counties

A Private Community in Las Tablas Bay.

Running Deer Ranch

Running Deer Ranch (RDR) is one of the first communities to be developed on the south shore of Lake Nacimiento, beginning in the late 1960’s, from the original Running Deer cattle ranch. It was divided and developed in 3 phases, RDR 1,2 and 3. The original RDR owners installed the main gate and maintained Running Deer Rd with the help of Bill Clevenger. At the time, property owners across Town Creek only had access through the Gage Irving entrance. In the 1970’s SNRA was formed and took over Gage Irving and Running Deer road maintenance and maintenance of the RDR owned main gate to provide access to property owners and new communities across Town Creek.

Today, RDR consist of approximately 120 privately owned parcels and approximately 140 owners. Properties across Towne Creek are not part of RDR. RDR is a voluntary non-profit association which provides access to Aluffo Rd, it’s common Point and its locked launch ramp to paid members. RDR is a family oriented association consisting of permanent residents and vacation homes. Their Board of Directors consists of 7 volunteer members and representatives to SNRA and NRWMAC.

The RDR Board may be contacted at

North Shore Boats & Ski Club

A Private Community on the north side of the lake.

The Lake Nacimiento Marina

Open to the Public. Was privately run until Monterey County resumed control of operations in 2008.

Heritage Ranch

The largest lake community.


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